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Happy clients
Natalie F.
Yoga teacher

I have been learning from and practicing with Simona for years now. Her classes provide an intense workout (I owe all of my abs to her) and her sequencing is phenomenal. I have been able to successfully do poses in Simona’s classes that I haven’t done anywhere else. Not to mention, her sense of humor makes class fun and engaging. You will never regret taking a class with Simona!

Prabha P.
Yoga student

I’ve been doing yoga with Simona since she started teaching at my yoga studio many years ago. Her dialogue is very soothing & we get a laughter every now & then. Even though her ab work is hard I feel so good afterwards. I had to take a break for a year because I injured my knee from hiking.  I started back & I feel I’m strong again. Since quarantine I’ve been been doing her online classes. For me this is how it’s gonna be just following her yoga —

Shanele S.
Yoga student
Baskelball coach

I have been able to add strength, flexibility, and spinal suppleness to my health care regimen. Simona is the perfect guide to improve in every area, the moving meditation is not only a great workout, but also nourishes your spirit, I can honestly say without hesitation that I’m better in every aspect of my life because of Simona G.

IMG-4650 2
Joy L.
Yoga student
As a mother of three and a woman in my 40’s, I constantly struggle with finding the time and energy to manage my own mental and physical health.  Simona’s class is the ultimate cure for that!  Regardless if I am doing her classes live or over playback, I get the workout I need with the head space for meditation as well.  Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, Simona provides tons of variations for every posture in all of her classes.  As well, she takes into account that your body is different every day; she empowers you to embrace what your body needs by walking you through thorough dialogue about where to place your body parts and which muscles to engage.  I wouldn’t be the yogi I am today without her.  THANK YOU, SIMONA!!
Annie W.
Yoga teacher

I didn’t know what to expect when I enrolled in Simona’s 200 YTT class but she created a safe space to allow us to learn, express, challenge ourselves, ask a million questions, and most importantly have fun.

There’s a myriad of information to learn in YTT in such a limited amount of time, and Simona did a great job in creating & organizing a curriculum in such a way to make it easier to grasp.


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Jay T.
Yoga student

I have been practicing yoga for 6 years. Recently when my yoga studio closed I went online to find yoga classes. I was very happy to find Simona. I enjoyed her classes right away. She had good challenging classes to stretchy flow classes with good variations. So whatever I needed that day she had a class for me. Surprising to me, my practice has improved drastically in a short time. I am stronger and more flexible than ever. I am so excited to see where my practice can go continuing on with Simona. My knowledge has increased from listening to her cuing for poses and vast knowledge of the human body. She is very mindful in  teaching correct posture to reduce risk of injury. I no longer have wrist or shoulder issues and my core strength has increased.

erika 2
Erika G.
Registered Nurse

Simona has a great combination of sass and humor, as well as motivation and drive. I began taking her classes more regularly in 2017 as I was training for Spartan races and began having back pain. I then broke my ankle in 2018 and broke my other ankle in 2019. During all of these injuries, Simona’s yoga classes helped me rehab. She always finds time to notice all her students, what their needs are, and how to alter that session to help them personally develop and grow, strengthen and stretch. I can honestly say, those were some of the most challenging personal years of my life. Her mindful classes and a few moments of focus on my needs, helped me regain a healthy mind while bringing my body back to a healthy mobile state. I am so excited every time she posts a new class because I know it will continue to challenge me and help me grow.

whitney 2
Whitney M.
Yoga teacher
Chiropractic Doctor

Waking up at 5:20 for a 6am class is not  everyones cup of tea, but, twice I week I look forward to that early start with Simona. She is able to create a well sequenced class from start to finish with cues on alignment that take my practice to the next level. Having trust in a teachers flow is an easy way to get lost in the movement of the moment. I especially love her focus on active stretching and movement protecting my precious ligaments for years to come. After 10 years of personal particle and 400 hours of yoga teacher training I look for that teachers teacher to take my practice to a new place. Simona is a teachers, teacher. Simona’s classes are specific, intentional, educated, inspiring and always a pleasure.

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