Hello, world! I am excited and scared to share myself, my teachings, and my heart on this page. This website has been in the works for 5 years… 5 years ago I asked my brother to create a website so that I can share wellness and food with the world. It was a very long road and only now everything came together. I changed my mind about the name, the look of the website, and needless to say my brother got busy and I was left without a website. The good news is that my vision hasn’t changed. For five years I have had the same passion for wellness, to help people and to share whole food recipes. But this time with lockdown amidst this pandemic I had all the time in the world to learn WordPress, build my website, record classes and start the recipe collection. It is better late than never. Those 5 years haven’t been wasted. I got tons of experience and training in yoga, taught 2 yoga teacher trainings and assisted great yoga teachers, helped countless of my students to feel better in their bodies, get tougher mentally, and spark the life long love for yoga. While I am very confident as a yoga teacher in real life, I feel scared and vulnerable to share myself to the wide world (being a nerd and introvert doesn’t help). I understand that I am not everyone’s cup of tea but I must share my gifts and talents given to me with the world.
You might ask why food blog and yoga classes together… Because I love new recipes, love spicy food, or just a good variety of spices, love sharing food at my table, love to entertain my friends at my home. My vision for my home was to build a table to fit at least 16 people to share the food and good conversations. I realize that I cannot share my personal space with all of you but I can share recipes and hold the conversations in the comments reaching more people and building like-minded community.
While this page will have only vegan recipes I do not expect everyone to be vegan. All I want for people to eat real unprocessed food and start adding more vegetables to their diet. I do not like the word vegan, I like to call it whole plant-based foods. I realize that we are busy people and cooking food from scratch and dicing all those huge amounts of vegetables is a time-consuming task. I will share some shortcuts and meal ideas for busy people and of course sometimes not so healthy comfort foods. Because everything is about balance and eating should be a mindful, nourishing, and fun experience.
Talking about my yoga classes I like practicing and teaching challenging and strong classes. I am called abs and pushups queen by my students. So very rare class that will not have a core or targeted abs exercises in them. I talk a lot in the classes, explaining, cueing, giving modifications. My main goal is to sequence the classes in such a way that it takes you through the journey of simple poses to the complex peak poses or peak intensity before cool down. I will add more beginner-friendly classes and slow down the yoga practice for mindful movement and time to connect, engage, and self-correct.


I hope that you will join me on this journey, support my dream and benefit your own body and mind in return.


With Gratitude


This is what you see under Dinner Club. I have 36 classes in there right now and adding 3-4 classes every week. Most classes are 60 min but there some longer and shorter than 30 min. I have 5 slow and stretchy classes on there as of today. I promise if you request more slow classes or beginner classes I will post more of them. Send me a quick message or leave the comment under this blog post for class requests.

This is what you see when you press on any video. You can also filter videos by intensity by pressing on chili peppers. The spicier the class the more peppers it deserves. Or filter the class by body area you want to focus or the time. There is a class for everyone. If you do not know if you can commit to subscription please sign up for Free Lunch to try out several of my classes and see if you want to join my tribe.

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